The rise of the “infographic”

Colleen Jolly (The 24-Hour Company)

Collen-JollyA workshop for those sharing concepts quickly; the effective representation and selling (on a bid-relevant timeline!) of your solution to a specific audience in any media (print, online, etc.).

Harness the trend of infographics: visuals (or animations/videos) that combine several bits of quantitative information into easy-to-understand, audience-appealing designs, ultimately used to sway them to an opinion, a course of action or a purchase. Explore trends and underlying psychology from around the world, then apply those techniques on your next bid.

We will review several static and animated infographics from major organisations (non-profits, governments, newspapers), identifying the tools they use to communicate information to promote a course of action - discussing what works, and what fails the test. We will dissect each into its three component parts (aesthetics/style, quantitative information, and messaging: conscious/subconscious), then build a bid-specific infographic, discussing the challenges and solutions for creating quality materials on a bid-relevant schedule and budget, while recognising what type of information is most pertinent to share using the infographic method.

About colLeen

Colleen Jolly PPF.APMP is a 13-year proposal veteran and manages a global visual communications firm with offices in US and UK. Her roles in the APMP include Layout Editor, the Journal; Secretary, International APMP; and Secretary, NCA chapter. She is an APMP Fellow. She is a frequent worldwide speaker and trainer and holds a BA from Georgetown University. Colleen is an award-winning artist and business professional, who featured in Northern Virginia magazine's Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30 and as a finalist in the Stevie Awards Creative Professional of the Year (2009). Her company won entry into Inc. 5000's Fast Growing Companies in 2007 and 2011. She was published five times in a women's entrepreneurial calendar and most recently (2012) won the APMP's Insight Award for her article on international business.


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