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Jennifer Stapleton and David Warley (Bid to Win)

Sometimes what you leave out is more important than what you put in. Learn the agile techniques that newspapers use to meet deadline after deadline without contributor burn-out or sacrificing quality.

Publishing is a specialised world, but the techniques that editorial teams use are well understood in the world of Agile Project Management. As proposal managers, we too make an absolute commitment to deadlines without compromising on quality. The techniques that Agile project managers use can help us. In this interactive workshop, the presenters will show how iterative development maintains visibility of the win strategy and proposal end product. You will learn how Agile techniques like time-boxing enable commitment to a 'no slip' schedule. The presenters will demonstrate how rigorous prioritisation of features (MoSCoW) keeps the scope manageable and focused on high value content. And finally they will look at some of the tools that Agile managers use - user stories, backlogs and burn down charts - to communicate status visually and keep the team focused. You will take away not only some thought provoking ideas but also useful techniques that will help you deliver your next bid.

About Jennifer and David

Jennifer Stapleton FBCS CITP provides consultancy at all levels, including to senior executives, on the design and improvement of project and programme management (PPM) processes. For the past 15 years, Jennifer's focus has been on agility. She was cited in the PMI's Network magazine as one of the 25 most influential women in the world for her work on Agile PPM.

David Warley PPF.APMP is a business development professional and owner of Bid to Win Ltd. David is a frequent presenter at APMP conferences, and an accredited professional and Fellow of the APMP. David is widely in demand as a speaker and trainer and has delivered bid management and APMP accreditation classes in Europe, India, China, Africa and North and South America.


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