How to comply with Bribery Act and Competition Law

Ron-PeterThe Practical answers

Speakers: Ron Reid & Peter Andrews - Shoosmiths

The consequences for businesses that breach their regulatory obligations in the fields of competition law and bribery act compliance can be severe.

Some of the largest financial penalties ever imposed fall into these two categories. Infringement can lead to third-party claims as well as sanctions for individual members of staff and a naturally severe reputational damage.

This session will focus on compliance with these two key areas of regulatory risk which must be kept an organisations' radar at all times.

The Speakers are experts in their respective fields with extensive hands-on experience working with businesses to minimise the risk of infringement and to help manage crises when they happen. They will share with you their thoughts on managing this potential minefield in a manner that protects the business from legal risk, but without impeding its ability to carry on its business.


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